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Broadacre Cropping
Hay / forage crops
  • Pasture for beef case study – Upper Murray NSW

    Routine soil tests across two decades have helped guide and provide a clear picture for BioAg’s customer in their transition from a chemical fertiliser program to a balanced biological approach to fertility. A review of the long-term changes in the soil has shown severa...

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  • Organic dairy case study, Sunnyside TAS

    Accidentally organic. Mark and Roslyn Lambert, along with their nine children, are certified organic dairy farmers from Sunnyside in north west Tasmania. Although their transition from conventional farming to fully certified organic practices was completely unintentiona...

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  • Citrus case study, Griffith NSW

    Woodside Marketing is a family-owned national enterprise based in Griffith NSW. Its experience in farming fruit and vegetables spans three generations of the Vardanega family commencing with the arrival to Australia in 1912 of Girolamo Vardanega from Treviso Italy. Gran...

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  • Beef case study, Tooma NSW

    Upper Murray graziers Jamie and Virginia Bond have lifted total beef production by nearly 30 per cent over the past decade via a concerted effort to improve their pasture efficiency and livestock husbandry. The couple run 500 Angus and black baldy cows on their 783 ha p...

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  • Pasture case study, Springhurst VIC

    The Humphry family’s mixed farming operation in northeastern Victoria is ample proof that biological farming can be an efficient and sustainable method of agricultural production. The Humphry’s have successfully implemented and refined biological farming techniques for ...

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  • Mixed farming case study, Tarcutta NSW

    Southern NSW farmers, Malcolm and Kerrie Plum, noticed a dramatic improvement in the health of their livestock since they began adopting biological farming techniques over 15 years ago. Previous animal health problems, including bloat, grass tetany and milk fever in cat...

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  • Wheat case study, Boree Creek NSW

    Their crop of Janz wheat just pipped another nine entries on the basis of its overall trueness to type, freedom from weeds, yield potential, crop uniformity and general management to win the event. According to fourth-generation wheat grower, Matt McLean, the only thing...

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  • Organic dairy case study, Tooma NSW

    The adoption of organic farming techniques has increased the net income of Upper Murray dairy farmer, Don Jarvis, by a tidy 25 percent, as well as significantly improving natural soil fertility and animal health. A long-time exponent of biological farming practices, Don...

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  • Pasture and grain case study, Trangie NSW

    An on-farm trial conducted by central NSW lamb and grain grower, Wayne Brabrook, has conclusively shown that a revolutionary biological soil nutrition program represents a real and profitable alternative to conventional techniques. Adopting the program four years ago, W...

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  • Mixed farming case study, Manildra NSW

    A biological soil nutrient program has dramatically improved the productivity and general well-being of a mixed farming enterprise operated by the Watts family in Central West NSW. Charlie and Jenny Watts, together with their son and daughter-in-law, Andrew and Tina Wat...

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  • Citrus case study, Dareton NSW

    The adoption of a biological nutrition program three years ago has significantly increased the profitability of Dareton district citrus grower and packer, Tony Barila, by improving fruit quality, yields and consistency. As a grower, he was experiencing a number of probl...

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  • Citrus case study, Ellerslie NSW

    The manager of a leading Sunraysia citrus orchard is convinced that a biological approach represents a safer, more cost-efficient and sustainable method of horticultural production than conventional fertiliser programs. According to Peter Donaldson, who has managed Pali...

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  • Viticulture case study, Red Cliffs VIC

    Running a small vineyard planted to two hectares of Chardonnay and 3.5ha of Shiraz grapevines, the Wrates are achieving yields and quality well in excess of the district average. John attributes his success to his willingness to use external consultants and adopt new id...

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  • Horticulture case study, Curlwaa NSW

    A biological crop nutrition program has proven itself to be a simple and cost-effective production booster for Sunraysia citrus and nursery producers, Steve and Andria Heywood. The Heywoods are now on their second year of a custom-made BioAg fertility program and are co...

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  • Almond case study, Red Cliffs VIC

    Red Cliffs district almond grower, Barry Hensgen, began applying a high-input fertiliser program across his two blocks on the advice of a consultant several years ago. “This program aimed to achieve a yield of about 3.1 tonnes kernel per ha, which was about 30 percent h...

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  • Beef case study, Inverell NSW

    Northern NSW farmers, Geoff and Kaye Bassett, defied drought to produce an amazing 500 kilograms of beef per ha on their dual-purpose wheat and oat crops. The key to their success is a revolutionary biological farming program which they claim has dramatically improved t...

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  • Pasture and hay case study, Dunkeld VIC

    A biological soil nutrition program is enabling Victorian farmers, Gavin and Vikki Bensch, to shrug off the effects of the drought and produce some of the best clover hay they have ever grown. Gavin and Vikki grow about 180 hectares of clover hay, wheat, linseed, field ...

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  • Wool and grain case study, Deniliquin NSW

    Southern NSW wool and grain growers, Alan and Ruth Wragge, have dramatically improved the health, yield and quality of their crops since they adopted biological farming techniques six years ago. The Wragges grow up to 600 hectares of oats, wheat, barley and rice on thei...

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  • Dairy case study, Calivil VIC

    The owners of northern Victoria dairying operation, Calmo Farms, have significantly improved the vigour and persistence of their pastures since they adopted a biological farming program four years ago. The Clymo family, Jade and Belinda, and Trevor and Jan, milk about 5...

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  • Pasture case study, Swan Hill VIC

    The adoption of biological farming techniques six years ago has allowed Victorian chaff producers, Jeff and Gae Dalton, to grow top quality lucerne on a block that had previously repulsed their best efforts to establish the crop. The Daltons mill and bag their chaff fro...

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  • Beef case study, Ballendella VIC

    Adopting of biological farming principles has enabled north Victorian beef producer, Craig Sobey, to rejuvenate a run-down property to the point where it has almost doubled productivity in the past five years. The Sobey family bought the Rochesterdistrict property, ‘The...

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  • Potato case study, Narrandera NSW

    Riverina potato grower, Jason Menegazzo, has improved tuber quality, pack-out rates and shelf life since switching to a biological nutrition program delivered through his centre pivot irrigation system. Jason manages the family farming company, G.M. Menegazzo and Compan...

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  • No-till cropping case study, Ganmain NSW

    While other farmers are struggling to cope with soaring fertiliser prices, Riverina grain grower, Peter Eisenhauer, has cut costs and lifted grain yields and quality after switching to a no-till biological farming system. A sixth generation farmer, Peter and his wife, G...

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  • Pasture case study, Corobimilla NSW

    Riverina farmer, Andrew Forrest, has transformed a tired farm into a highly productive property, yielding as well as any in the district after adopting a minimum till biological farming system. Andrew, his wife, Sue, and his sister and brother-in-law, Kate and Kevin Hal...

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  • Organic produce case study, Coleambally NSW

    Former rice growers, Neill and Gina Wiseman, have transformed a block of worn-out station country into a thriving large-scale organic vegetable farm by using biological farming techniques. Neill and Gina and their sons, Ryan and Luke, are now earning premiums from the s...

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  • Dairy case study, Merrigum VIC

    The creation of an active and stabilised microbial population in an effluent pond on one northern Victorian dairy farm has all but eliminated a half-metre-thick, stinking surface crust and significantly increased its operating capacity. Kevin Fitzsimmons and his wife, F...

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  • Dairy case study, Katunga VIC

    A Northern Victorian dairy farmer is gradually eliminating a football field-sized crust on his effluent pond by using a new 'biologically active' microbial culture. Maarten and Sharon van Tilborg milk 610 Holstein, Jersey and crossbred cows, producing 4.5 million litres...

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  • Dairy case study, Mount Gambier SA

    The use of a ‘biologically active’ microbial culture is playing a small but significant role in helping to turn seven megalitres of liquid waste into $150,000 worth of nutrients, on one of Australia’s largest dairying operations. James Mann and his wife, Robyn, milk alm...

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  • Cropping case study, Dingee VIC

    Colin Falls is a fourth-generation farmer with a property that has been in his family for 104 years. Since making the move to BioAg programs some years ago, the improvement in soil health his farm experienced meant they were able to increase the quality of their product...

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  • Grain case study, Riverina NSW

    Riverina grain grower, Wayne Hamblin, is earning handy premiums by meeting the growing demand of high energy, chemical-free grain from organic dairy farmers. Together with wife, Kim, and son, Chad, Wayne conducts a mixed cropping and livestock operation on ‘Big Tree’, M...

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  • Dairy case study, Torrumbarry VIC

    A belching effluent pond is a beautiful sight for people who know what it means. For Scott and Jade Sieben it is money in the bank. The couple milk 250 cows at Torrumbarry, 20 minutes from Echuca, in northern Victoria. The couple’s 250-cow herd, which includes 30 percen...

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  • Dairy case study, Numbaa NSW

    Rod and Jenny Crawford solved a mucky problem last year. The high octane farmers, who run the successful Coolea registered Holstein herd, within their 800-cow operation at Numbaa via Nowra in New South Wales, were wrestling with two inefficient effluent ponds. Both pond...

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  • Dairy case study, Murrabit VIC

    As a consequence of the drought, John has moved away from summer pasture and now concentrates on maximising fodder conservation (silage) in the spring, which he then feeds out in the summer months. This minimises heat stress within the herd and helps prevent the drop in...

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  • Mixed farming case study, Narrandera NSW

    Riverina mixed farmer, Drew Vidler, has noted a marked improvement in the health of his Merino sheep and the quality of their wool since he adopted a minimum-till biological farming system eight years ago. Together with wife, Janelle, and children, Jock, Harrison and Al...

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  • Onion case study, Keith SA

    Ciampa Produce annually grows more than 12,000 tonnes of onions and has increased average yields from 80 to 111 tonnes per hectare over the past three years. The Ciampa’s believe an important contributor has been an improved fertiliser strategy. This included the introd...

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  • Cropping case study, Riverina NSW

    The experiences of a BioAg cropping customer in the Riverina show that our liquid products Soil & Seed ™, Balance & Grow®, and Fruit & Balance® offer significant improvements in yield and grain quality. Andrew Dalglish and his father Charlie had been BioAg customers for...

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  • Clover case study, Flinders Island TAS

    In 2018, David Bellinger, a Flinders Island based pastoralist, provided some feedback to his fertiliser supplier, Agrifert. David has been trying to achieve balance in his 1,150ha pasture enterprise for many years, where he currently runs 2,000 head of Angus and Angus c...

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  • Pasture case study, Middleton SA

    In South Australia, there is a beef enterprise undertaking farming practices many in the future may well apply as routine measures to improve sustainability. While the practices applied by Jeff Higgins near Middleton are not new or complex, the key features are the exte...

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