Certified organic

With a core range of natural fertilisers and biostimulants, BioAg can offer an extensive range of products certified by Australian Organics, suitable for use in organic systems.

Recognising that farmers on-sell to a range of markets utilising different certifying bodies, BioAg can evaluate options to meet a customer’s needs. As an example, BioAg has secured USDA NOP certification for a range of core products.

Talk to a BioAg representative regarding your nutrient program, accreditation needs, and how a BioAg program of certified organic inputs can supplement your current practices to optimise yields.


  • Delivers long-lasting, sustained release of nutrients
  • Reduces fertiliser loss due to common issues such as leaching and lock up
  • Safe for use on all areas of the farm
  • A natural and sustainable alternative to conventional fertilisers.

Product Range

bag of BioAg Phos solid fertiliser


Solid Fertiliser

Highly reactive phosphate fertiliser made from high-grade reactive phosphate rock combined with BioAg’s microbial digesting agent.

BioAg product shot of S10BioAgPhos

S10 BioAgPhos

Solid Fertiliser

Provides elemental sulphur in the form of sulphur bentonite. Ideal for higher rainfall and higher leaching environments.

BioAg product shot of BioAg SoP


Solid Fertiliser

Organically certified granular form of fertiliser containing potassium and sulphur. Immediately available to crops and plants. Ideal for crops with a high potassium demand and sensitive to chloride.

BioAg product shot of BioAg Superb

BioAg Superb

Solid Fertiliser

Incorporates calcium sulphate in the form of gypsum in BioAgPhos. Ideal for soils that need phosphorus, sulphur, and calcium, such as pastures and grazing, and for crops requiring extra sulphur, such as canola.

BioAg product shot of MagPhos


Solid Fertiliser

Incorporates dolomite in BioAgPhos. Ideal for soils that need phosphorus, sulphur, calcium, and magnesium, such as pastures and grazing systems where there is a risk of grass tetany.

BioAg product shot of Pasture Primo

Pasture Primo

Solid Fertiliser

Provides a rich source of calcium and phosphate through a blend of BioAgPhos and lime.

BioAg product shot of PotPhos with SoP

PotPhos with SoP

Solid Fertiliser

Incorporates BioAgSoP and BioAgPhos in a blend ideal for soils that need phosphorus, sulphur, and calcium, such as pastures and grazing.

BioAg Biostimulant product Balance & Grow Organic

Balance & Grow Organic


Formulated to increase vegetative growth, root development and soil microbial activity. Ideal for broadacre, pastures and horticulture.

BioAg Biostimulant product Fruit & Balance Organic

Fruit & Balance Organic


Formulated to increase flowering, fruit set and soil microbial activity. Fruit & Balance enhances the nutritional value and quality of fruit or grain by increasing sugar levels in the plant.

BioAg Biostimulant product HydraFish



A natural and organic source of nitrogen, HydraFish is a source of nutrients derived from fish

BioAg Biostimulant product HydraHume



A liquid solution of Potassium Humate providing a product suited to building soil humus and increasing soil fertility.

BioAg Biostimulant product HydraSea 50

HydraSea 50


A natural seaweed extract that delivers a number of beneficial organic compounds and minerals to crops and pastures.

BioAg Biostimulant product Soil & Seed Organic

Soil & Seed Organic


Formulated to improve soil microbial activity, natural soil fertility and moisture and nutrient utilisation.

BioAg Digest-it product for Effluent

Digest-it for Effluent


Formulated to improve the breakdown of solids and the retention of nutrients in captured animal effluent. Provides a range of food sources and metabolites that promote aerobic digestion in effluent streams.

BioAg Digest-it product for Stubble

Digest-it for Stubble


Formulated to accelerate the microbial breakdown of cellulose and other plant matter. Digests stubbles, residues, and other organic wastes into humus. Ideal for use as a compost starter.

BioAg product shot of BioAgBor


Trace Element

A sustained-release form of boron suited to a range of enterprises such as horticulture, vegetables, pastures and field crops.

BioAg liquid fertiliser product Zinc

BioAg Zinc

Liquid Fertiliser

A liquid fertiliser solution of zinc. Ideal for use in a range of farming enterprises, especially when addressing and preventing zinc deficiencies.

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