Digest-it for Stubble

Formulated to accelerate the microbial breakdown of cellulose and other plant matter. Digests stubbles, residues, and other organic wastes into humus. Ideal for use as a compost starter.

Digest-it for Stubble is a revolutionary way of delivering essential nutrients and metabolites directly to stubbles or plant waste, stimulating microbial activity. The result is improved stubble digestion.

As in the process of composting, microorganisms involved in the digestion of stubble require moisture and, preferably, soil contact to do their job. As a general rule, a 20mm rainfall event provides enough soil moisture to warrant a stubble digestion program.

Average summer rainfall in NSW and Victoria usually provides sufficient moisture for the digestion process to take place. The key is timing applications with coming rains and gaining sufficient stubble contact with the soil.

  • Aids sequestration of carbon from stubbles and plant waste, improving moisture and nutrient retention, soil fertility, tilth and workability
  • Improves sequestration of nutrients within the stubble, particularly nitrogen
  • Eliminates the need for stubble burning
  • Suited to use as a compost starter for green waste
  • Reduces carry-over of soil-borne pathogens
  • Reduces reliance on herbicides to control fallow weeds
  • BioAg Digest-it for Stubble is a certified organic input.

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