Organically certified granular form of fertiliser containing potassium and sulphur. Immediately available to crops and plants. Ideal for crops with a high potassium demand and sensitive to chloride.
Potassium 41.5% | Sulphur 17.0%

BioAgSoP is a sulphate of potash fertiliser. The sulphur content improves nutrient cycling and uptake and provides benefits to yield and fruit quality.

Potassium plays a vital role in photosynthesis, starch accumulation, protein synthesis, controlling ionic balance within the plant, metabolism of carbohydrates, disease suppression, and improving the plant’s ability to withstand drought and frost tolerance.

As an organically certified product, it is ideal as a source of potassium for intensive organic grazing operations such as dairies.

  • Immediately available to crops and plants
  • A natural alternative to conventional fertilisers
  • Perfect for chloride sensitive crops such as fruits, vegetables, and grapes
  • BioAgPhos is a certified organic input.

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