Provides nitrogen as ammonia and sulphur in a sulphate form. Ideal as a source of pre-planting nitrogen and sulphur in annual cropping programs and as a source of sulphur and nitrogen in intensive pastures.
Sulphur 24.0% | Nitrogen 21.0%

BioAg SOA is an agronomically superior combination of nitrogen and sulphur. Nitrogen delivered as ammonium is less susceptible to leaching or volatilisation, reducing losses, while sulphur is provided in a sulphate form, immediately available to the plant.

Sulphur is essential for plant growth, the formation of root nodules on legumes, and improves plant health. Ideal for use in annual cropping programs as pre-plant nitrogen and sulphur or intensive pastures. Can be blended with BioAgPhos on farm. Sizing consistent with crystalline sugar.

  • Agronomically superior nitrogen and sulphur package
  • Sulphur delivered in a sulphate form, immediately available to the plant
  • Ideal for use in annual cropping programs.

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