An immediate and sustained release phosphate fertiliser made from high-grade reactive phosphate rock, composted with BioAg’s proprietary phosphate digester.
Phosphorus 12.7% | Sulphur 1.0% | Calcium 35.0%

Highly soluble, with a minimum of 35% citric acid and 65% formic acid solubility. Around one-third of the phosphorus (P) is immediately available, while the remainder is slowly digested and released. Both annual and biennial application is appropriate.

  • Reduces nutrient losses due to common issues such as leaching and lock up
  • Small particles enable even distribution; beneficial given P is not mobile in soils
  • A natural and sustainable alternative to conventional fertilisers
  • Improved phosphorus availability compared to conventional reactive rock phosphates
  • Suited to a broader range of soil types and growing conditions
  • Well suited to blending with ameliorants such as lime, gypsum, and compost
  • Safe for use on all areas, including waterways
  • Independent analysis shows that 100% of the phosphorus is bioavailable / plant accessible
  • BioAgPhos is a certified organic input.
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BioAgPhos provides capital P in cropping programs and complete P supply in grazing and permanent plantings like trees and vines. It is ideal where an agronomically sound and cost-effective source of phosphate is required and can be applied at any time of the year.

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