Since 1999, BioAg has grown to become an Australian market leader in agricultural fermented technology. We provide biologically active solid and liquid nutrients for all farming systems. Our products and programs deliver healthy, living, balanced soils and sustained farming production.

How to choose the right fertiliser

BioAg fertilisers are high specification, meaning you get more nutrient for every kilogram of our fertiliser than many others. Talk to your local BioAg Area Manager about switching to BioAg for better soils.

Solid fertilisers

BioAg’s solid fertiliser range is based on BioAgPhos, a high grade and highly reactive phosphate rock combined with BioAg’s microbial digesting agent. The result is a fertiliser range that is less reliant on rainfall to be plant available.

Liquid fertilisers

BioAg’s range of liquid fertilisers provide a source of readily available nutrients that can be applied to crops, pastures, perennial horticulture, or permanent plantings.


BioAg biostimulants deliver a revolutionary combination of essential nutrients and metabolites directly to pastures and crops, as well as stimulating microbial activity in the soil. The end result is improved plant vigour, yields and quality.


BioAg digesters are formulated to feed and promote microbes that result in the aerobic breakdown of organic matter.

Trace elements

BioAg offers a full range of trace elements for blending with our range of solid fertilisers, as well as a proprietary range of specialist products with unique characteristics and benefits.

Certified organic

With a core range of natural fertilisers and biostimulants, BioAg can offer an extensive range of products certified by Australian Organics, suitable for use in organic systems.

Find the perfect solution for your crop

BioAg fertility programs produce living, healthy and balanced soil and improve the production and quality of yield and fertiliser use efficiency. Our programs aim for efficient nutrient delivery to improve plant resilience to stresses as well as increased yield and quality.

Get what is right for you

We develop fertility programs for your farm that suits you, and helps your farm meet its full productive capacity. We can tailor programs that are suitable for conventional or organic farming systems.