Horticulture is Australia’s second largest rural production industry after wheat, and includes fruits, vegetables, and nursery/ornamental crops.

The majority of produce is grown for the domestic market, with horticultural exports making up approximately 13% of total value of production.

Fruits dominate horticultural exports with apples, oranges and table grapes being the most important while a wide range of vegetables are grown. Due to the range of climatic conditions and growing regions in Australia it is possible to have produce supplied throughout the year.

We look to enhance the soils’ health and fertility as a key strategy to developing more intensive cropping for the farmer. It is equally important to address the specific needs of a crop, as it is to address the challenges posed during each season.

For those reasons, BioAg cropping programs are tailored to suit each individual farm and paddock by analysing the results of soil and /or tissue tests alongside the location, history and characteristics of the block, as well as your budget and goals for yield and quality.

Below is a comprehensive list of winter crops and relevant BioAg sample programs.  

Crop solutions

Pome fruits



Leafy greens

Stone fruits



Horticulture resources

  • Citrus case study, Dareton NSW

    The adoption of a biological nutrition program three years ago has significantly increased the profitability of Dareton district citrus grower and packer, Tony Barila, by improving fruit quality, yields and consistency. As a grower, he was experiencing a number of probl...

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  • Citrus case study, Ellerslie NSW

    The manager of a leading Sunraysia citrus orchard is convinced that a biological approach represents a safer, more cost-efficient and sustainable method of horticultural production than conventional fertiliser programs. According to Peter Donaldson, who has managed Pali...

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  • Horticulture case study, Curlwaa NSW

    A biological crop nutrition program has proven itself to be a simple and cost-effective production booster for Sunraysia citrus and nursery producers, Steve and Andria Heywood. The Heywoods are now on their second year of a custom-made BioAg fertility program and are co...

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  • Potato case study, Narrandera NSW

    Riverina potato grower, Jason Menegazzo, has improved tuber quality, pack-out rates and shelf life since switching to a biological nutrition program delivered through his centre pivot irrigation system. Jason manages the family farming company, G.M. Menegazzo and Compan...

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