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Stimulate your soil and seed, with Soil & Seed!

Soil & Seed biostimulant has long been a foundation of BioAg’s cropping and horticultural programs. We’ve been producing and selling it for 23 years, giving Soil & Seed a proven track record and a reputation that speaks for itself.

The agriculture industry today offers all kinds of products designed to stimulate soil biology from fish to seaweed and humic acids and single strain microbial products.

Slobodan Vujovic BioAg Area Manager

The ingredients in BioAg’s Soil & Seed are generally the same, but what makes our product superior is how it is made. BioAg ferments the ingredients over a long period of time, so that they become food for the bacteria and fungi that grow and reproduce during the production process. Fermentation is key to creating the beneficial compounds that are in Soil & Seed such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, carbohydrates, and organic acids.

It is these compounds that greatly enhance the volume and diversity of microbiota found in treated soils. BioAg has a large body of replicated trial data that demonstrates higher yields, and the vastly enhanced fertiliser-use-efficiency that is achieved when Soil & Seed is appropriately applied.

As synthetic fertilisers become increasingly expensive, the benefits of enhanced fertiliser-use-efficiency are becoming increasingly important for growers to take advantage of. Avoiding unnecessary losses of soluble nutrients from the soil and wasted costs from nutrients being applied but not utilised is essential during times of rising input costs. That’s why Soil & Seed offers such great value for growers as both the soil and plants are getting full access to the valuable compounds that increase plant growth and resistance to water and abiotic stresses.

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