BioAg Superb

Incorporates calcium sulphate in the form of gypsum in BioAgPhos. Ideal for soils that need phosphorus, sulphur, and calcium, such as pastures and grazing, and for crops requiring extra sulphur, such as canola.
Phosphorus 8.4% | Sulphur 6.9% | Calcium 31.0%

Phosphorus 0% water-soluble and a minimum of 35% Citric Acid and 65% Formic Acid solubility. Immediate and sustained release phosphate fertiliser made from high-grade reactive phosphate rock, composted with BioAg’s proprietary phosphate digester. Combined with gypsum to provide additional calcium and sulphur in readily available forms.

  • A natural and sustainable alternative to conventional fertilisers
  • Annual and biennial applications are appropriate
  • Reduces nutrient losses due to common issues such as leaching and lock up
  • Safe for use on all areas, including waterways
  • Small particles enable even distribution; beneficial given P is not mobile in soils
  • Well suited to blending with ameliorants such as lime, gypsum, and compost
  • Independent analysis shows that 100% of the phosphorus is bioavailable / plant accessible
  • Can be applied at any time of the year
  • BioAg Superb is a certified organic input.

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