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BioAg manufactures a number of products that are certified for use in organic systems (Australian Organics certification number 221) and work with clients to develop tailored and sustainable nutritional strategies supplementing local and on farm inputs for organic production systems.

Organic cropping or grazing systems are presented with a range of challenges. Every crop, sale of produce or stock production results in a reduction in soil fertility. Without attention to soils there is a risk that there will be a significant drop in yield or quality.

By incorporating a review of available and required nutrition, soil biological health, and soil carbon, we develop organic programs that incorporate both locally available organic inputs, be it composts or recycled green waste; as well as BioAg’s range of organically certified inputs.

For many farmers their organic system is constrained by the availability of nitrogen. While there are a range of products available that supply nitrogen, typically at low rates and therefore a high cost; the objective of any farmer is to fix as much nitrogen as possible through the soil. To achieve this requires a healthy soil supporting healthy crops. The use of BioAg’s biostimulants help address any structural or nutrient cycling issues within the soil, as well as provide microbial food and beneficial metabolites to enhance soil microbial function and crop growth stages (physiology).

Talk to a BioAg agronomist about a custom program, considering specific needs in a traditional or organic production system.

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  • Biostimulants increase yield benefits

    The yield map from the Summer 2023 harvest near Brocklesby in Southern NSW visibly shows the positive impact of BioAg’s biostimulant program on yield.

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  • Impactful results even in challenging seasons

    In BioAg’s Winter/Spring Newsletter 2022, we wrote about a leading Australian wine producer seeking ways to improve the yield and quality of their organically grown grape crop. BioAg readily accepted this opportunity/challenge and has been working with the producer in t...

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  • Riverina Organic Wine Grape Vine demonstration

    Investigating the benefits of a BioAg nutrition program for organic grapes, to evaluate the impact on grape harvest yield and quality.

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  • Twizel, New Zealand, multi-year trial

    BioAg New Zealand commenced multi-year pasture trials in 2021 in the in low rainfall high-country of the Mackenzie Basin near Twizel, located in the South Island of New Zealand.

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