Soil & Seed

Formulated to improve soil microbial activity, natural soil fertility and moisture and nutrient utilisation.

Soil & Seed provides a broad-spectrum food source for soil microbes and crops, including amino acids, enzymes, vitamins, carbohydrates, and macro and microminerals. It acts as an excellent soil inoculant and is suitable for all crops and pastures, formulated to improve the soil microbiome.

Soil & Seed encourages rapid germination and early root development, enhancing plant tolerance to pests, pathogens, and abiotic stresses, improving plant access to nutrients and, in combination, increasing yield potential.

Treated soils demonstrate improved structure, water infiltration, nutrient holding and cycling, tilth, and field capacity.

  • Improves seed germination and early root development
  • Stimulates soil microbial population and diversity
  • Accelerates conversion of crop residues into humus
  • Improves soil agglomeration, improving infiltration and water holding capacity, and
  • Improves nutrient solubilisation, cycling and delivery to crops
  • Organic variation available.
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In broadacre crops, use as a pre-emergent or at sowing stages, ideally incorporated into the soil. It can also be used as a seed inoculant.  For irrigated crops can be applied through irrigation to avoid incorporation. For permanent plantings use at break of dormancy or prior to key growth stages, apply to soil through fertigation systems. In pasture use in spring and late autumn and apply to pasture through boom spray.

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