Pastures play a major role in agricultural enterprises through animal production, improvements to crop rotations and conserved fodder. There are many pasture species available when aiming to establish full pasture potential. Which species or combination of species is right for the situation depends on the environment and the intended use for the pasture.

Specific considerations for pasture

Pastures require a balanced supply of phosphorus (P), potassium (K), sulphur (S) and calcium (Ca) to deliver optimal growth. Pastures growth can be stimulated with applications of nitrogen at appropriate times; while micronutrients, such as magnesium, copper and zinc, play a key role in pasture quality and animal health.

Soil structure is key to improving infiltration and water holding capacity which deliver improved growth and tolerance to dry and wet conditions. Key to this is the sequestering of carbon. The natural way to achieve this is to support growth through the supply of nutrition and then sequestering carbon through root shed from grazing or when harvesting forage.

Crop solutions

Sheep and beef


Organic pasture

Pasture resources

  • BioAgPhos™ suits low rainfall zones

    Interim results from BioAg field trials undertaken in low rainfall high-country pasture demonstrate that BioAg applications significantly increased dryland pasture production and positively changed species composition.

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  • Building a feed wedge

    While this season’s rainfall has extended pasture growth; it is traditional that livestock operations start to run short of good pasture any time from late summer through to late winter. Spring reserves are grazed down, while cold weather reduces the amount of new vege...

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  • Powered by Watts

    Antony Isles, a BioAg client of 10 years, is delighted that his 2,500 acre ‘Green Trees’ property at Black Springs, south of Oberon, is powered by Watts, not Amps. Watts being BioAg Agent Andrew Watt. Andrew and his wife Rhonda have been working with BioAg for 22 years,...

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  • Duck island connection

    There is a natural connection between Duck Island and BioAg. We both question convention and apply solutions to problems based on evidence. Duck Island is a large grazing property in the Upper South East of South Australia, situated on the saline soils of the Ninety Mil...

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