Balance & Grow Organic

Formulated to increase vegetative growth, root development and soil microbial activity. Ideal for broadacre, pastures and horticulture.

Balance & Grow provides immediately available forms of phosphorus, calcium and nitrogen and a broad spectrum of biological compounds and food sources.

 During the vegetative growth stage, plant growth, health, and ultimately yield can be inhibited by a range of factors. While nutrient deficiencies are often addressed, deficiencies of biological or organic molecules, compounds, and catalysts in the plant are often ignored or harder to detect.

Balance & Grow is formulated to deliver a broad spectrum of beneficial nutrients and biological compounds. Hence, crops have access to a complete suite of food sources during the critical vegetative growth phase.

 These food sources are in a highly complex biological state, enabling highly efficient uptake by crops.  This is achieved through microbial pre-digestion of the ingredients during production.

  • Supports vegetative growth
  • Delivers a range of growth-promoting amino acids
  • Supplies a broad spectrum of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes.
  • A source of carbohydrates.
  • BioAg Balance & Grow Organic is a certified organic input.
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By delivering such a broad range of bio-nutrients, Balance & Grow stimulates healthier vegetative growth and ultimately yield and quality. It addresses a wide range of growth and health issues that can emerge in growing plants.

Applied as a foliar application via boom spray or aerial application across all crop types.  Can be mixed and applied with a range of other chemicals or liquid fertilisers.

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