Our team

BioAg operates with a small, efficient team of hard-working employees. Our area managers and agronomists serve South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. 

All our area managers are experienced on the land. They are located in regional areas across the southeastern states of Australia. From day to day they are either in the field helping farmers with advice and tailored programs or undertaking research including trials of BioAg programs and products.

Reception and accounts staff operate out of head office in Narrandera, providing customer service and team support.

Staff at the liquids plant at Narrandera and the solids facility near Geelong ensure our products are stored, maintained and shipped efficiently to your farm or distributor.

Our operations manager and leadership team work from a number of locations in south-east Australia, ensuring the smooth running of the company.

Our distributors and partners in Australia, the UK, New Zealand and South Korea work with their local customers to provide tailored programs and advice and supply BioAg products for improved productivity and yield for farms of all kinds.

The BioAg team

Anton Barton

Executive Chairman


02 6958 9911

Anton is one of the original founders of BioAg P/L and a long-time authority in the practice of biological farming.

Martin Metz

CEO & Director


02 6958 9911

Martin has over 30 years’ experience in the Australian fertiliser industry, in both national and international lead roles.

Stephan Logoida

BioAg Horticulturist & Viticulturist
Area Manager – all crops

Lower Goulburn & Mid Murray

0417 195 972

BScAg, PhDScAg

Stephan is our BioAg Horticulture and Viticulture specialist covering all areas, as well as our Area Manager dealing in all crops for the Lower Goulburn and Mid Murray regions. Give Stephan a call to arrange an on-farm visit.

Paul Medlock

Area Manager

Northern NSW & Queensland

0429 820 360

Bachelor of Management
(Farm Business Management)

Paul has gained much experience from various positions held in the agriculture and livestock industries, in farm and area management, and specialist research in animal health for Government and private enterprise. He is currently undertaking a Master of Science in Agriculture, through the University of New England, Armidale.

Peter Emerson

Area Manager

South East NSW & North East Victoria

0438 269 939 

BAppSc/BSc (CSU)

Growing up on a family farm in the Holbrook area, Peter has worked extensively in agriculture – primarily focused on broadacre pasture and cropping systems. His knowledge and experience have included sales agronomy and advice, research, seed technology, and horticulture/viticulture. He has a keen interest in biological systems and soil health and how farmers can improve their efficiency through the correct inputs and management techniques.

Slobodan Vujovic

Area Manager

SE Victoria & Tasmania

0448 453 412


Slobodan has over 25 years’ experience in the Australian agricultural sector, working with government research organisations, agricultural industry associations and ag suppliers and providers.

He brings to the BioAg team extensive knowledge in general agronomy, soil health, pest and disease management, ag biosecurity, and irrigation. In addition, Slobodan is passionate about sustainable and resilient farming practices.

James Mwendwa

Area Manager


0459 474 550


With a lifetime of farming experience having grown up on the family farm in Kenya, and 10 years spent in New Zealand working in the dairy industry, James is a skilled broadacre extension agronomist and passionate agricultural researcher. He completed his PhD in 2019 at Charles Sturt University successfully gaining his Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Science.

James brings significant research, trial knowledge and hands-on experience in farming systems with expertise in agronomy, crop protection, herbicide resistance, soil nutrition and biological health, to help farmers drive their production profitability. He has a keen interest in biological systems, soil health and cultural weed management and how growers can improve efficiency through the correct inputs and management techniques.

Parmjit Singh Randhawa

Extension & Area Manager

Western Victoria

0461 473 808

PhD (Soil Science)

Parmjit has extensive field experience in soil management and agricultural extension, working with commercial growers on pasture, wheat, canola, and vegetable trials in both New Zealand and Australia.

Parmjit also has deep expertise in the research and development of industrial hemp, medicinal cannabis, biostimulant enhancers, and a passion for organics. He has published in peer-reviewed international journals. His in-field agronomic knowledge is supported by a Master’s Degree (Soil Fertility) and a PhD in Soil Science from New Zealand.

With his research and development skillset and in-field agronomy experience, Parmjit works with growers taking both a scientific and innovative approach to attaining healthy fertile soils and improving output quality and yield for Dairy, sheep, beef, vegetable, and arable cropping farmers.

Alexandra Lawlor

Area Manager

South Australia & Western Australia

0437 920 026

BSc (Hons)

Alexandra has an extensive background in horticulture research with CSIRO South Australia, particularly with grapevines and almond crops. Her research work interacting directly with growers and farmers specialised in plant physiology including managing salinity, drought tolerance and nutrient treatments. Alexandra has a Bachelor of Science with Honours, majoring in Plant Science.