A natural and organic source of nitrogen, HydraFish is a source of nutrients derived from fish.

HydraFish contains an excellent and natural source of vital nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and trace elements. It is manufactured at a low temperature using a natural enzyme process to ensure that beneficial organic compounds, nutrients, and trace elements are retained.

  • A source of food for the soil microbiome
  • Delivers nutrients without the risk of burning
  • Naturally high in protein, which is converted to nitrogen in well-functioning soils
  • Can be applied to soils or as a foliar
  • HydraFish┬áis a certified organic input

With a particle size of < 100 micron, is suitable for fertigation, mister, boom spray and trickle systems, including ‘T’ Tape, when diluted as directed on the label.

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