HydraSea 50

A natural seaweed extract that delivers a number of beneficial organic compounds and minerals to crops and pastures.

HydraSea 50 is a concentrate of the most researched seaweed in the world – Ascophyllum nodosum (A. nodosum), delivering a wide range of organic bioactives such as macro and micro-nutrients, enzymes, amino acids, unique polysaccharides, and plant hormone-like compounds (cytokinin- and auxin-like activity).

A. nodosum seaweed grows solely in the North Atlantic Ocean and is sustainably hand-harvested, ensuring only living and fresh seaweed is harvested to produce HydraSea 50.

The extreme climatic conditions in which it grows means the plant has developed a unique range of biochemicals that enable it to thrive in harsh conditions. This resistance to weather extremes is passed on to the target plant, reducing susceptibility to heat, soil salinity (osmotic pressure imbalance and induced moisture stress), cold and frost.

HydraSea 50 is water-soluble and is 2 to 5 times higher in minerals and bioactives than comparable products in the market, and almost 20 times higher than commonly used low grade products. This means lower application rates can be used.

  • A highly concentrated a wide range of beneficial compounds
  • Promotes yield and quality increases
  • Reduces susceptibility of frost damage in target plant
  • Formulated for leaf absorption and for use at very low rates
  • HydraSea 50 is a certified organic input.
More information

Hydrasea 50 is suited to a large range of farming practices; pastures as well as crops like wine and table grapes, vegetables, fruit or nut tree crops, cereals, cotton, maise, and sugarcane. It is compatible with a wide range of common fertilisers and other agricultural products.

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