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Biostimulants increase yield benefits

The yield map from the Summer 2023 harvest near Brocklesby in Southern NSW visibly shows the positive impact of BioAg’s biostimulant program on yield.

The outlined black area in the map was treated with BioAg’s full biostimulant program – Soil & Seed, Balance & Grow, and Fruit & Balance – in conjunction with the grower’s normal program and typical best farming practices for this region.

The impact of BioAg’s biostimulant on the harvested crop yield is obvious with the green shading/higher yield t/ha appearing predominantly in the demonstration section of the paddock.

The grower was keen to investigate ways to help improve any soil constraints, to improve crop yield and therefore has applied BioAg’s full biostimulant program to the marked area in the map for the past 2 years (2022 and 2023):

AT SOWING: Soil & Seed injected at 4L/ha
(can also apply by boom either pre- or post-sowing);

VEGETATIVE: Balance & Grow at 2L/ha with weed spray; and

PRE/EARLY FLOWERING: Fruit & Balance at 2L/ha with foliar fungicides.

With the strong yield response, the trial will continue in 2024, with the grower also keen to trial reducing urea rates to see if the BioAg treatments still deliver similar yields with lower nitrogen inputs.

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