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Distributor Spotlight – Ag Warehouse Bega

BioAg products have been well supported on the south coast of NSW for many years. Ag Warehouse recently purchased Bega Agricultural Services to become Ag Warehouse Bega.
Slobodan Vujovic BioAg Area Manager

Agronomist David Croxford finds that BioAg’s solid natural fertiliser S10® (P 11.4%, S 10.0%, Ca 32.0%) works particularly well in the typical high rainfall environment of the NSW south coast. By replacing water soluble fertiliser with BioAgPhos S10 containing elemental Sulfur, nutrients are not lost through runoff or leaching. Sustained release of nutrients is also a benefit, with one third of nutrients immediately available, and the remainder released over 1 to 2 years. The prolonged release characteristic allows for effective and cost-efficient biennial spreading or rotational spreading across a large property.

The use of BioAgPhos based fertilisers in this area also meets the principles of the Clean Coastal Catchments project to reduce fertiliser run off into waterways and environmental impact.

Speak to David or the team at Ag Warehouse Bega about your soil needs today. agwarehouse.com.au

Slobodan Vujovic BioAg Area Manager