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Powered by Watts

Antony Isles, a BioAg client of 10 years, is delighted that his 2,500 acre ‘Green Trees’ property at Black Springs, south of Oberon, is powered by Watts, not Amps. Watts being BioAg Agent Andrew Watt.
Cattle almost hidden amongst an impressive fodder paddock on Antony Isles’ property.

Cattle might be in need of GPS assistance as they navigate their way through this impressive fodder paddock on Antony Isles’ property.

Andrew and his wife Rhonda have been working with BioAg for 22 years, overseeing clients like Antony and helping him turn this run-down farm into a fodder producing Cattle property. Antony has taken a very keen interest in his soils. His vision, plus ongoing soil analysis and use of BioAg solid fertiliser BioAgPhos, biostimulant Soil & Seed, SOA, lime and gypsum, have been the key to his success. To change your farm production – start with the soil!

Heniz the dog sitting amongst the impressive fodder paddock

‘Heinz’ steps in to be the measuring stick, showing excellent crop growth.