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Digest-it – A Vital Step

BioAg’s biostimulant for manure or effluent streams, Digest-it ® is continuing to play a vital role in the ‘One Health – From Soil to Society’ sustainability initiative in Ireland.

The initiative came about when world leading agri-technology company, Devenish Nutrition Ltd in partnership with Thomson and Joseph Ltd, identified the relationship between nutritional disease on farm, poor quality forage and soil degradation. This led to the creation of the 3-Step Soil Improvement Programme.

Digest-it stimulates aerobic digestion in effluent ponds and is the programmes vital third step. The additive breaks down organic matter, improving the retention, availability and form of nutrients contained in effluent. A key benefit is the reduction of greenhouse gasses (GHGs) and is an important requirement for intensifying agriculture in Ireland.

Devenish have driven this initiative to help farmers improve the health of their soils and grow higher quality pastures and forage crops. This improves animal health, productivity and profitability whilst enhancing the environment.

As BioAg’s partner in Ireland, Devenish had used Digest-it in trials at Dowth Estate, their field research farm, and worked closely with key customers using the product, so were aware of what it is capable of delivering. They have since continued the research, building the science, and proving the efficacy and reliability of Digest-It prior to introducing it to the Irish farming community.

The initiative and use of Digest-it shows Australian companies can supply advanced agricultural technology and take advantage of the global momentum for high quality food, with a reduced environmental footprint.

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