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Breeza, NSW, Australia
Conducted by
Tamworth Rural (CRT)

Breeza cotton trials

This trial was conducted over a 5ha area at ‘Gowangardi’ near Breeza in NSW. The trial aim was to evaluate the effectiveness of BioAg biostimulants for improving the growth and subsequent yield of irrigated cotton. The BioAg treatment, employing BioAgPhos, Soil & Seed, Balance & Grow and Fruit & Balance produced an 8% yield increase over the district practice control plot and showed increased maturity permitting the option of earlier defoliation.

Trial aim

To evaluate the impact on Cotton yields when applying BioAg liquid biostimulants to fertiliser regimes representing GSP and GSP less 15% nitrogen.


The paddock chosen was expected to show deficiencies in zinc and phosphorus, and also exhibit nutrient tie-up as a result of sodic subsoils. The section of the paddock in which the trial was sited was chosen for its evenness of soil type. Soil tests were taken (0–10cm and 0–60cm), indicating very low nitrogen, phosphorus and zinc levels. In addition, the test highlighted sodicity in the surface and subsurface of the soils.

Each trial was designed as a randomised complete block design. Random measurements were taken at 0DAT, 7DAT, 45DAT, Squaring, Flowering, Harvest and soil tests are to be conducted post-harvest.


The BioAg treatment appeared to produce more compact crop with less vegetative growth that matured earlier.


The trial highlighted that the BioAg treatment promoted early growth and vigour over a conventional program incorporating Clearstart. In time the plants under the conventional program exhibited increased vigour, however the BioAg treated plants retained a more extensive root system. In relation to harvest and yield the BioAg treated crop matured earlier and could have been defoliated earlier. In addition it produced an 8% increase in yield.

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Download independent trial

For the full trial, including methods, results and conclusion, download here.