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The importance of BioAg, even in a good year

There’s no doubt that 2020 delivered a first-rate season. With abundant rainfall, we saw good crop growth across the board. But for Andy Laidlaw from Mundarra Pastoral at Willaura VIC, his canola crop delivered well beyond expectations.

When planting his 2020 canola crop, Andy trialled Soil & Seed in one test paddock and there was a noticeable difference in root development as the crop emerged. Balance & Grow was later applied to the same paddock, and that particular crop continued ahead of other paddocks although there wasn’t an immediate transformation after this application.

At about 15% flowers, Andy applied Fruit & Balance to the test paddock, and reported that they kept a better, brighter colour while flowering when compared to other areas on the farm.

With such a perfect finish to the season, both paddocks yielded above expectations. However, with the improved root development seen in the test paddock at planting, Andy is now in discussion with his BioAg Area Manager, Allan Reid, about implementing a full BioAg liquid program for 2021.

Lush field with dense, waist-high green plants under a bright blue sky