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Setting key milestones in planning 2021

Benjamin Franklin wrote, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Franklin was a meticulous planner, attributing this to much of his success.

Planning the future activities and needs of the farm, and for future crops, is a key part of managing risk and providing the best opportunity for maximised returns. Each year set achievable targets and milestones of your own, such as:

February: Develop winter crop/pasture program
Based on desired crops and soil tests develop your requirements and budget for ameliorants, capital phosphorus, pre sow nitrogen, starter fertiliser and planting biostimulants.

March: Soil Amelioration
Apply ameliorates, capital phosphorus, pre-sow nitrogen.

Mar-Apr: Planting
Plant applying starter fertiliser and Soil & Seed.

Post plant to harvest: Review – Treat – Review
Observe and test for nutrient deficiencies and disease. Use foliar treatments to manage issues as they arise, make the most of rainfall by applying biostimulants and liquid nutrition to support and drive improved growth and quality.