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Reactive phosphate rock fetiliser

The phosphate rock used in agriculture is known by a number of names. Reactive phosphate rock (RPR), direct application phosphate rock (DAPR), mineral phosphate, soft rock, hard rock. Variants on all of these are names or brands used across the fertiliser industry.

Phosphate rock is a natural mineral. The phosphate component of the mineral is present in the form of apatite – a mineral lattice. There are two main forms of phosphate rock :

  •  Sedimentary rock – makes up about 95% of known global phosphate resource and is formed from marine life deposits in ancient seabeds.
  • Igneous phosphate rock – makes up the other 5% of known global resource and is formed through volcanic activity. 

Phosphate rock formed from guano deposits (such as the rock mined at Nauru) have declined and are small in output.

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