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#Gippsland – a place of all kinds of wonder

The Gippsland region in southeastern Victoria stretches from outer Melbourne, along the south-east coast of Australia to the NSW border.

It is considered the powerhouse of Victoria’s natural resources and commodities economy with the location of key sectors including agriculture, power generation, dairy, forestry, fishing, tourism… the list goes on. The region is also rich in natural attractions such as unspoilt beaches, rainforests, snowfields and trails.

This year, BioAg’s area managers Slobodan Vujovic and Peter Emerson, exhibited at two of the region’s large agricultural events: the East Gippsland Field days in Bairnsdale, and South Gippsland Dairy Expo in Korumburra.

Around one third of the Victorian dairy industry and approximately 20% of the beef industry, are based in the Gippsland region. With a combined industry value of almost $2B and employing over 6,000 people, BioAg recognises the significance of this key food bowl region.

Slobodan Vujovic BioAg Area Manager

“The level of enquiries from farmers looking to replace chemical fertiliser has doubled in the past 5 years. I am seeing rising consumer driven demand for products that use natural fertilisers,”

commented Russel Dryden, agronomist with Godman Seeds in Bairnsdale.

With increasing demand from consumers for more natural products and less chemical inputs, the Gippsland region will certainly benefit from BioAg’s proven natural highly-reactive phosphate rock fertilisers and biostimulants.

Further enquiries: Slobodan Vujovic 0448 453 412 | slobodan@bioag.com.au