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Carbon Sequestration

SOM plays a significant role in the carbon cycle. More carbon is stored in soils than in all plants, animals and the atmosphere combined. It is estimated that SOM stores four times as much carbon as living plants and that carbon stored in all the world’s soils is two to three times the amount in the atmosphere. What a bonus for our planet in addition to the everyday benefits for farmers who are growing our food and fibre.
Slobodan Vujovic BioAg Area Manager

Soil carbon sequestration is a normal part of farming, however when it becomes a focus it is known as ‘carbon farming’, which focuses on adopting land management practices that increase the amount of carbon stored in soils. The practice of carbon farming is often done by landowners who are given incentives through policies created by government programs and there are independent consultants who specialise and can advise on this. BioAg’s focus is purely on working with farmers to improve their soil health for the long term for improved yield and quality.

How the Soil Carbon Sequestration Cycle works:

Carbon naturally enters and leaves the soil through a range of complex processes occurring simultaneously. The amount of carbon stored in soils can be increased or decreased by changing and adapting land management practices.

Slobodan Vujovic BioAg Area Manager