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Murray Valley, NSW, Australia
Conducted by
Rice Research Australia

Rice nutrition demonstration

Investigating the benefits of BioAg’s Soil & Seed in drill sown rice in the Murray Valley.


To assess the benefits of BioAg Soil & Seed in drill sown rice under standard farmer practices (as described by researcher) in the Murray Valley and compare that to Standard Farmer Practice without BioAg Soil & Seed treatments.


Soil tests were taken in September 2015 prior to sowing. The treatments and one control were then replicated four times in plots that measured 10m by 3m.

Plots were sown in a completely randomised trial design with 125kg/ha MAP + 1% Zinc and 150kg/ha Reiziq on the 22nd of October 2015.

BioAg Soil & Seed was liquid injected into the soil. The trial was flushed on the 1st, 5th, and 18th of November 2015 to promote germination, growth and to build a moisture profile for the crop. 250kg of Urea was applied to all plots with a dry soil surface pre permanent water on the 15th of December 2015.

Plant analysis samples were taken at Panicle Initiation (PI) for NIR tissue tests to determine the amount of Nitrogen the crop required for optimal production.


For the Rice Research Australia 2015/2016 trial, Soil & Seed was applied at the rate of 3 L/ha pre-sowing. Total cost of product per hectare was $24. Return to the grower per hectare $600. BioAg’s best management practice is Soil & Seed at 4L/ha, with a production cost of $32/ha.

Rice demonstration field drill sown with Soil & Seed


The economic analysis indicated there was an increase in both return per hectare and mega litre by using BioAg Soil & Seed over standard farmer practice. The greatest return per hectare and mega litre was achieved at the commercially recommended rate of 3L/ha for BioAg Soil & Seed. This result could be used to conclude that the commercially recommended rate for Soil & Seed is suitable for drill sown rice in the Murray Valley.

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For the full demonstration, including methods, results and conclusion, download here.