NSW Grassland Society Conference

BioAg Area Managers Peter Emerson and Paul Medlock recently attended the 2021 Grassland Society of NSW Virtual Conference. This was the first time the conference has been held online and the organisers did a great job reformatting the conference with short notice, to suit the current COVID situation in NSW.

There was a strong focus throughout the conference on soil nutrition, soil health and soil carbon. Increasing the soil’s fertility is one of the key principles of BioAg programs and products. Each BioAg program is focused on enhancing soils and promoting healthier, better yielding pastures, and is the starting point for increasing soil carbon levels.

The issues you face on farm – how to maintain soil nutrition levels, how to manage acidity – are the sorts of issues the BioAg team are keen to discuss with you.

Peter Emerson

Area Manager

South East NSW & North East Victoria

0438 269 939 

BAppSc/BSc (CSU)

Growing up on a family farm in the Holbrook area, Peter has worked extensively in agriculture – primarily focused on broadacre pasture and cropping systems. His knowledge and experience have included sales agronomy and advice, research, seed technology, and horticulture/viticulture. He has a keen interest in biological systems and soil health and how farmers can improve their efficiency through the correct inputs and management techniques.

Paul Medlock

Area Manager

Northern NSW

0429 820 360

Bachelor of Management
(Farm Business Management)

Paul has gained much experience from various positions held in the agriculture and livestock industries, in farm and area management, and specialist research in animal health for Government and private enterprise. He is currently undertaking a Master of Science in Agriculture, through the University of New England, Armidale.

Peter, Paul and all of the BioAg Area Managers welcome any queries you might have.
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