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Building a feed wedge

While this season’s rainfall has extended pasture growth; it is traditional that livestock operations start to run short of good pasture any time from late summer through to late winter. Spring reserves are grazed down, while cold weather reduces the amount of new vegetative growth.
Sheep in green pasture during late summer

Managing this through correct fertiliser usage is important. Trials, demonstrations and on-farm use show that pasture growth can be enhanced in poorer growing conditions both in quality and quantity with strategic applications of biostimulants; Soil & Seed and Balance & Grow, in conjunction with other products. Biostimulants improve nutrient uptake and enhance plant physiology during times of stress, cold and or wet conditions.

Soil & Seed is perfect for applying at or soon after sowing when you have good moisture and soil contact. Soil & Seed helps
feed and activate the biology allowing for improved nutrient cycling and faster root establishment. This is achieved by allowing for easier take-up of nutrients by the plant through the rhizosphere and providing an optimal environment for the plant roots during the season.

Once the vegetative phase is reached and you have more leaf coverage, the application of Balance & Grow alone or in conjunction with liquid nitrogen fertiliser and/or Gibberellic acid allows for faster plant growth with enhanced feed quality and improved health and recovery post grazing.

A typical BioAg liquid program for pasture would involve:

BioAg Biostimulant product Soil & Seed

Soil & Seed

Formulated to improve soil microbial activity, natural soil fertility and moisture and nutrient utilisation.

3-6L/ha at or soon after sowing (ideally with a moisture event).

BioAg Biostimulant product Balance & Grow

Balance & Grow

Formulated to increase vegetative growth, root development and soil microbial activity. Ideal for broadacre, pastures and horticulture.

2-3L/ha at early vegetative stage or post grazing (ideally with a liquid fertiliser like CalNitSol, UAN, and/or Gibberellic Acid).