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P fertilisers’ continued price rise

In our Spring newsletter, we discussed the increasing prices of phosphate fertilisers. Prices have continued to climb, and from what we hear, starter fertiliser is now over $1,500 per tonne, and SSP is over $600 per tonne.

Red header tractor harvesting a wheat field

In cropping, BioAgPhos applied pre-plant with lime, gypsum, or sulphate of ammonia provides a long-lasting source of P supporting your crop through the entire season. In addition, the use of BioAgPhos at pre-plant will allow you to reduce your rates of starter fertiliser. How much less you use is dependent on crop and soil type, so talk to your BioAg Representative to find out more.

BioAgPhos provides a source of P that can be applied annually or every second year in pasture and irrigated permanent plantings. Application can be as early as summer in pastures as it is less prone to runoff or leaching than traditional chemical fertiliser. As a natural fertiliser, it is well suited to all farm types, conventional, regenerative, and organic.

The good news is that we have secured a shipment of raw material phosphate rock, arriving in early January; this means we are well placed to meet the needs of our customers. While pricing may change, as of December, BioAgPhos is cheaper than traditional chemical fertiliser by more than 10% on a per kg P basis.

Talk to your BioAg representative to secure BioAgPhos for 2022 and consider early delivery to avoid issues with trucking or a possible early break.