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Rain into grain

As we head into spring, a crop nutrition program needs to be tailored to supply all the nutrients that the plant requires to turn ‘rain into grain’. Whilst nitrogen is important to increase grain yields and pasture dry matter production, it is imperative to remember the other nutrients the plant requires to convert sunlight into glucose and nitrogen into protein.

A tissue test is a great tool to identify any nutrient deficiencies that can be remedied with a foliar application. This test can be coordinated with your BioAg agronomist.

Foliar application of nutrients is beneficial to alleviate deficiencies and sluggish growth induced by cold and wet conditions. BioAg’s Balance & Grow and Fruit & Balance products both contain many of the metabolites that the plant struggles to metabolise under these harsh winter conditions with reduced daylight hours and cold soils. These metabolites include glucose, essential amino acids, auxins and cytokinanes, amongst others.

Applying Balance & Grow and/or Fruit & Balance at the appropriate growth stages, in combination with required nutrients supports the plant’s physiological processes, increases nutrient uptake and cycling, and enhances tolerance to abiotic stresses.

A typical fruiting foliar application for a grain crop might include: Fruit & Balance, CuZin (if copper and zinc are deficient), and a nitrogen source like UAN or a urea solution. Again, your BioAg agronomist will assist you to develop a program that maximises the return on your investment.