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Quality outcomes in the Upper Murray

Technical Sales Agronomist, Rebecca Bingley of Ag Warehouse Kiewa has advocated for BioAg fertilisers and liquids for her customers in the Upper Murray.
Upper Murray landscape of green fields and rolling hills in the distance

Rebecca works with BioAg to trial and demonstrate some of their products at their sites in the Upper Murray.

“BioAg has given growers more opportunities to improve their soil health and nutrition. The products have a high concentration of active ingredients allowing our clients to access a cost-effective product that is still of high quality.

The BioAgPhos fertilisers have the ability to be spread on alternating years, which is giving my clients the option of focusing their fertiliser budget on half their farm instead of the whole area annually.

We have also been finding an increase in seedling germination when we use BioAg’s Soil & Seed in our knock-down spray and a jump in quality when the product is added to any of our growing season’s sprays. In addition, we are beginning to see a visual difference in soil organic matter increase and animal health grazing these pastures.”