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Post-harvest – an important period for tree and vine crops

The post-harvest period is critical for perennial tree crops and vines to recover from stress. This is an optimal time to replenish nutrient reserves for the next season as vegetation and roots are still active and able to absorb applied nutrients.

Applications replace macro and micronutrients removed during harvest and address deficiencies before the next growing season. The nutrition applied does not increase tree or vine vigour but is taken up into tree and vine reserves and used when breaking dormancy.

Incorporating Soil & Seed into a post-harvest application stimulates soil biology and aids soil structure; ensuring nutrients applied are accessed by trees or vines.

Compared to applications made during the cold and wet conditions of early spring, post-harvest applications are more efficient, with reduced risk of losses to runoff or leaching. Ensuring nutrients are stored and available at dormancy break, provides a tree or vine its best opportunity for the next season.

Requirements for macro and micronutrients vary depending on the crop. Your BioAg agronomist can assist with determining your nutrition and soil improvement needs.