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Podcasts on Soil Health

50 years of soil biological health research has been compacted and simplified into a handy new app called SOIL HEALTH to help farmers better understand the complexities of soils.

Informative podcasts you can conveniently listen to whilst working; short videos to watch; and an e-book on “Soils are Alive” are all freely available. Download for FREE on iOS and Android phones and tablets via Apple and Google Play. Download online and access offline out in the paddock!

BioAg has no affiliation with the app that was developed by Professor Lynette Abbott, a world leading academic and science communicator in soil science and soil biology at the University of WA School of Agriculture and Environment and The UWA Institute of Agriculture. But we are passionate about helping farmers understand the importance of having healthy soils as the foundation to their farming enterprise success.

Slobodan Vujovic BioAg Area Manager