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Planning your nutrient needs

Given the last two years of very poor rainfall, little to no fertiliser has been applied in northern NSW. Even though farmers have had reduced amounts of grass growth and therefore grazing pressure, nutrients have been removed from the pasture system. This being the case, the correct fertiliser needs to be applied at the right time to maximise pasture growth and supply pasture that is full of balanced nutrients and energy.

Maximising pasture growth and nutrient content is key to improving weight gain and reducing turn off times, or producing wool with better yields, point of break and tensile strength.

How is this achieved? The answer starts with a comprehensive soil test to identify any limitations that are hindering plant growth, which is the major difference in BioAg’s approach. Soil testing enables us to deliver the most efficient, sustainable, cost-effective fertiliser to the market with the aim of maximising the farmer’s return on their fertiliser investment.

Give your BioAg agronomist a call to organise a soil test and a soil nutrient plan for the future.