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High cost Phosphorus in 2022 season

International fertiliser prices remain high. At the time of writing, domestic prices are over $900 per tonne of MAP or DAP. It means the cost of chemical fertilisers will be high for autumn pasture applications and crop sowing.

At these prices, growers need to be aware of the cost of P lock up with water-soluble fertilisers and the alternatives available.

If your soil is low in organic carbon or high in P antagonists, you could lose 10% or more of your applied P, which adds over 10% to the cost of fertilising your crop.

BioAgPhos provides a sustained release of 100% plant-available P fertiliser. An ideal source of capital P (base level) in cropping or as the P fertiliser in irrigated permanent plantings and pasture.

BioAgPhos and its blends are ideally suited to blending on-farm and spreading with gypsum, lime, or compost. In addition, BioAgPhos used as a source of capital P in a cropping rotation can displace a portion of your starter fertiliser, where rates can be reduced by 30% to 50% depending on soil and crop types.

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Phosphorus in storage shed