Jamestown Agronomy Centre Field Day,
South Australia

In conjunction with AgXtra Research Partners for Crop Innovation.

BioAg Area Manager Phil Toy attended the Jamestown Field Day, a half-day of presentations demonstrating a range of information at a localised level, including the use of biostimulants and biological fertilisers.

The spring field day is held in conjunction with AgXtra, who partner with the developers of crop innovation to ensure their technology is proven to perform in the field. AgXtra supports the commercialisation of innovation by taking developments in crop production and crop protection and proving them in the field.

BioAg has engaged AgXtra to run several broadacre trials. Trialling that has demonstrated the benefits of using BioAg’s biostimulants and sustained release phosphate fertiliser (BioAgPhos blended with BioAg trace elements and gypsum), in a program with reduced rates of starter fertiliser against standard practice.

Overall, there was a strong focus on soil nutrition, soil health, and soil carbon throughout the field day. Increasing the soil’s fertility is one of the key principles of BioAg programs and products. Each BioAg program is focused on enhancing soils and promoting healthier, better yielding pastures and is the starting point for increasing soil carbon levels.

The issues you face on farm – how to maintain soil nutrition levels and manage acidity – are the sorts of issues the BioAg team are keen to discuss with you.

Phil Toy

Area Manager

South Australia

0458 440 225


A Roseworthy Agricultural College graduate with a family farming background on Eyre Peninsula, Phil has the knowledge and practical experience which provide an understanding of the key constraints to production and profitability.

He has had a long career with agricultural chemical and fertiliser companies that has included state managerial roles.

Broadacre cropping

Crop solutions

BioAg tailored fertility programs produce living, healthy and balanced soil and improve the production and quality of yield and fertiliser use efficiency. Our expert Area Managers and agronomists consider the individual block, including its history and soil type, along with soil test results and the farmer’s yield and quality goals and budget to develop a program that suits you, and helps your farm meet productive capacity.

Phil and the BioAg Area Managers welcome any queries you might have. Visit our contact page for more information.